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One of the main things you may ask yourself when you arrive in Mahón is: What can I do? What can I visit? Where can I eat? Well, don't worry, we will tell you.


We present you the market with more history of Mahón. Just 5 minutes from Can Roca, you will find the Claustre del Carme market. This market was formerly the home of the monks who took care of the Church of Carmen and all the orchards that formed what is now the neighborhood of "Ses Tanques del Carme", a neighborhood of which Can Roca is part.


The beautiful and famous port of Mahón. As many of you already know this port is the third largest natural harbor in Europe, nothing more and nothing less than 6Km long. This port was of interest for many conquests, as it was a strategic point to rest in the great crossings of the Mediterranean.

Nowadays it is the most important port of Menorca, both at tourist and commercial level, as well as at industrial level. It also houses a great gastronomic point, as it has a large number of restaurants where you can have lunch and dinner. 


Great and spectacular bourgeois house of the late eighteenth century. House that can be visited for various tourist purposes. You may be interested in seeing its beautiful architecture, its decoration and its structure, and may also be of great interest the great variant and the various art exhibitions that houses its interior. Do not miss it and visit it.


The Church of Santa Maria is the largest that can be found in Mahon. Its beginnings were in the fourteenth century, but after several conquests of the city of Mahon, the passage of time and the weather, had to be rebuilt in the eighteenth century. That is why it is said that in the eighteenth century the Church of Santa Maria was built on another Gothic style of the fourteenth century.

It also has an organ considered one of the largest in Europe, not only for its large dimensions but also for its musical quality.


The Museum of Menorca is located in the former convent of San Francesc. This museum aims to exhibit, find and restore the cultural, material and immaterial heritage of Menorca from prehistoric times to the present.